Healing a Broken Heart

Sometimes I listen to the British band, Bastille, because their sound appeals to my Anglophilic tendencies and is reminiscent of some of my favorite 80’s alternative bands.  A recent song that caught my attention is Good Grief.  The lyrics describe the phenomenon of grief as a terrifying event (“watching through my fingers”–like at a horror […]

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Everything is Awesome—When your Spouse Thinks You’re “The Special”

**Long and gushy—you’ve been warned. On a recent family vacation, one of my children started watching the Lego movie loud enough that all of us were enjoying the snappy dialogue and “Everything is Awesome,” earworm. When Emmett was potentially identified as “The Special,” my mind wandered to how often that word comes up in therapy.  In […]

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Grandparenting Power

When my dad passed away a few years ago, one of the saddest things about it for me as the youngest of six children was that my younger children wouldn’t experience his amazing personality.  I was already sad that my mom was gone and my kids wouldn’t be on the receiving end of her endless […]

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