The Netflix Gateway to Betrayal

Late last Friday, my husband and I had a rare free evening at home so we decided to try to watch something on Netflix.  I suggested, “What about that series we started last fall that we stopped watching?”  and immediately saw an almost imperceptible guilty expression flash across my husband’s face.  “You Netflix cheated, didn’t […]

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Halloween, Happiness and a Holstein: A MOOving Memory

Originally posted on Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families:
Copyright: tomwang / 123RF Stock Photo The current trend in Psychology to study “happiness,” has resulted in consistent findings that making memories brings more enduring happiness than accumulating material possessions.  In our family, there are few holidays that evoke more lasting memories than Halloween. I love Halloween. …

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Escaping a Zombie Marriage Apocalypse

Last year, my husband and I took our youngest children to the local amusement park for a “Frightmares,” event.  The fun zone was transformed into a Halloween fiesta, complete with spook alleys and wandering zombies mildly harassing the visitors. At one point, we were standing in a loooong noisy line for the chance to wander aimlessly in […]

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