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  1. Hi Henry. I am aware that same-gender couples can be as happy as heterosexual couples in long-term relationships. The article to which you are referring was not written by me, but by a journalist who interviewed me and several other therapists for her article. As for my blog, if you have read various entries, you may have noticed that it is a mixture of experiences from my own nearly three-decade long heterosexual marriage as well as my clinical experiences. While I have seen same-gender couples, and they do reflect many of the same patterns as heterosexual couples, my clientele has overwhelmingly been heterosexual couples, so I cannot claim expertise on experiences I am not having as a clinician. Most of the research we have in the professional community on long-term couple relationships has thus far been on heterosexual couples, so empirical research has been sparse related to this population. I am confident that we will have many more studies to understand this specific type of dyad in the future, just as we might on transgender couples, polyamorous couples, etc. Thank you for your suggestion.


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