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The Difference One Sunset Can Make in Marriage

Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families

sunset blog photo One of my husband’s sunset texts

My husband has a thing about sunsets.  If we aren’t together when he sees a spectacular sunset, I will receive a picture of it on my phone.  Fifteen years ago when we moved into a new house, one of the first things he did was build a deck on the second story with tempered glass so we would be able to sit on the deck and view the lake and mountains in the distance.

Right after the deck was complete, one night after dinner, he walked outside while I walked to the sink to start doing dishes.  He came running back in and reached around me from behind, putting his face close to mine and whispered in my ear, “Come on, you have to come see this amazing sunset with me.”  I had five children between ages one and nine and was stressed about…

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